Muay Thai


We teach you what works, and leave out what does not!


Muay Thai is known as “the art of eight limbs” because the art utilizes the hands, elbows, knees and feet in devastating fashion. As the national sport of Thailand, it is popularity has spread throughout the world after proving itself repeatedly in the competitive ring. We teach you what works, and leave out what does not! All classes are geared to any experience level. If you are a beginner we will start you at the beginning, if you are an experienced pro, we will partner you with fighters on your level.


In this class, you will also learn the best of boxing including footwork, lightning fast punch combinations, slipping or evading punches and special tactics. As a beginner, you will punch and kick pads and bags like there is no tomorrow. It is an awesome workout! Striking is perfect for men and women looking for reliable and practical self-defense with superior cardio conditioning.

MuayTaeDo (MTD) Program


Enjoy the best of both martial arts!


MTD is a hybrid program which will allow students to participate in either of the two options below:
– Option 1: TKD + Muay Thai
– Option 2: TKD + Kids MMA


There is a separate cost to participate in this program. There are also separate costs available if you want to only participate in the TKD, Muay Thai, and Kids MMA program.