Kids Mixed Martial Arts: Ages 8-13


This class utilizes the best of the arts!


During our Kids Mixed Martial Arts (Kids MMA) class, children focus on correct punching and kicking techniques, defensive skills, footwork, wrestling, takedowns and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Kids MMA classes are a great way to improve power and stamina. Paired with our other martial arts classes, we offer the ultimate in self-defense and fitness for your child. Your child will train like a fighter in a class that will build them from the inside out. Our intense, high energy conditioning drills will build your child’s cardio and muscular endurance like you have only imagined.

MuayTaeDo (MTD) Program


Enjoy the best of both martial arts!


MTD is a hybrid program which will allow students to participate in either of the two options below.
– Option 1: TKD + Muay Thai
– Option 2: TKD + Kids MMA


There is a separate cost to participate in this program. There are also separate costs available if you want to only participate in the TKD, Muay Thai, and Kids MMA program.