After School Program


10 kids for the upcoming 2018-2019 School Year!
We are very excited about this program and have some great things in store for those who sign up. We plan to start small by serving only the local elementary schools and are limited to 10 kids so we encourage you to enroll your child early.


Our After School Program runs Mon through Fri and offers a range of activities to keep children safe and active until their parents are able to pick them up. Our programs are designed to enhance students’ self-esteem and promote creative expression. Our after school program has incredible value! Families will love the activities that are included. Students will have a blast spending time with friends and participating in our program. We are now accepting new students for this upcoming school year.


We are not a daycare, county park, or babysitter. From the moment families join our after school program, parents and their children will feel welcome because our after school program students are like family! We focus on the student’s success in school, sports, and life. Our after school program is operated by coaches who have passed Level 2 background checks – the same background check required to be a school teacher in VA.


The program includes transportation!
We pick them up from school, bring them back to King Khong MMA, and then the fun begins.


Martial arts classes!
Classes will vary on a day to day basis, but include Taekwondo and fitness classes all designed to teach your children self-defense and healthy living skills. In addition, instructors engage the students with fun yet functional games to help teach valuable motor skills and hand eye coordination.


Space is limited to only 10 students. Register now to reserve your spot.