Ms Lilly

Ms Lilly is a certified 3rd Dan Black Belt with over 27 years of martial arts experience. Knowing what a profound influence the martial arts can have on one’s own personal development, Ms Lilly helps students young and old cultivate a greater sense of calm, focus, and self-awareness ultimately improving and enriching their everyday lives physically, psychologically, and spiritually.


Life lessons taught by martial arts are applicable for all ages, teaching important skills like self-control, discipline, and perseverance. But the standard image of a martial artist does not always reflect the capabilities that many students possess.


Ms Lilly has been an advocate and pillar for students with disabilities and special needs. She has been able to build new confidence in students with special challenges tailoring martial arts skills to strengthen their brain and enable those with ADHD to practice basic motor and behavior control allowing students to develop coordination while building strength.


In addition to being a role model on the mat, Ms Lilly is a superb soccer player and youth soccer coach on the field where she effectively uses her martial arts skills to create spectacular plays and goals with remarkable consistency.

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